A rare bird colony has disappeared due to construction near Alepu

21:00, 4 Jun 19
Петя Михова

Destruction of protected habitats is a crime under the Penal Code Construction activities to reinforce the landslide over Alepu Beach have expelled two species of protected birds nesting there – the bee-eater and the black stork. This is claimed by the Association of Parks in Bulgaria. Yet in January this year an investigation of “Pro […] Read more »

свлачището край Влахово

The Mystery “Smolyan – Madan bypass”, or how 8 million BGN sank into a landslide

17:15, 22 Mar 18
Zarko Marinov

The construction of the bypass road near the village of Vlahovo on the road Smolyan – Madan is about to become a mystery for millions of levs against the background of paralyzed institutions, absent state and overruled public interest The idea to circumvent the landslide with a bypass was first announced in the public space […] Read more »