свлачището край Влахово

The Mystery “Smolyan – Madan bypass”, or how 8 million BGN sank into a landslide

17:15, 22 Mar 18
Zarko Marinov

The construction of the bypass road near the village of Vlahovo on the road Smolyan – Madan is about to become a mystery for millions of levs against the background of paralyzed institutions, absent state and overruled public interest The idea to circumvent the landslide with a bypass was first announced in the public space […] Read more »

Smolyan in a TITANian grip

12:52, 29 Oct 17
Zarko Marinov

Regardless of the changes in the mayor’s office and the composition of the majority in the Municipal Council, the town continues to gasp in a hoop of companies-monopolist in the field of public procurement. In November 2011, the former mayor of Smolyan Dora Yankova (BSP) relinquished her office to Nikolay Melemov (GERB). The main messages […] Read more »