Desislava Taneva has advised farmers to hide frauds because “they will stop our funding from the EU”

13:58, 8 Jun 20
Za Istinata

During an online meeting of the Advisory Council on “Fruit and vegetable production”, Agriculture Minister Desislava Taneva had explained that violations of payments for "Tied Support" must be hiden by the control authorities, because otherwise the European Commission will stop the money. This becomes clear from a recording of the meeting, published by the website "Bivol". Read more »

Shumen’s Excess Money – the city wrote its name with onyx letters in a garden, for BGN 500 thousand.

13:18, 11 Jul 19
Diana Jeliazkova

Exactly BGN 500 per sq.m. - that is how much it costs to renovate the garden in front of the Courthouse in Shumen. The green space, located on area just over one decare, “swallowed” BGN 500,000 for renovation. The price is calculated for replacement of only part of the park pavement, for the fountain, for lighting and new flowers. And an inscription "Shumen" against the background of the City Courthouse, written in 20 kilograms onyx letters. Read more »

How officials from four municipalities have absorbed BGN 700,000 on EU projects

9:00, 3 Jan 19
Emiliya Dimitrova

Municipal employees in the four municipalities of Gabrovo District, who participated in project management teams with European and national funding, have earned nearly BGN 700,000 over their salaries. The report is for a three-year period - from the beginning of 2015 to the autumn of 2018. In some cases the bonuses are tens of thousands of BGN and their size is not proportional to the value of the projects. Read more »