Paid “objectivity” or how much did Stara Zagora spend on media services?

9:00, 11 Jun 19
Venelina Popova

The mayor of the city has concluded contracts for media services with sole decisions and without sanction of the Municipal Council. Prime Minister Borisov announced his decision to reduce the party subsidy from BGN 11 to BGN 1 per vote, with the threat: “Let’s see how the parties will then pay for journalists, sociologists and […] Read more »

Money for nothing, or how Stara Zagora runs a project for BGN 14.7 million

9:00, 4 Feb 19
Venelina Popova

Stara Zagora together with Plovdiv, Varna, Rousse and Pleven absorb BGN 196 million from the EU Regional Development Operational Program for modernization of urban transport. The funds are allocated between them on the basis of the number of inhabitants, the population that uses public transport and the tourist flow. Read more »