Not a single lev of income for 2019 has been reported by the municipal enterprise “Forests and Lands” in the town of Sevlievo – a company established to make profit

13:08, 21 Apr 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

Throughout 2019, the director of the municipal enterprise "Forests and Lands" in Sevlievo -Alexander Penkov had been on leave. His duties were taken over by his deputy Alexander Atanasov who has a revoked license for forestry activities. However, this was obviously not an obstacle for the company to continue its operations and for the twelve months of last year to report expenses in the amount of BGN 172 thousand. And not a single lev of revenues, although in 2017 the enterprise was established precisely with the idea to make profit for the local administration. Read more »

When it is not snowing in Sevlievo, money is poured in for its cleaning

9:00, 26 Sep 19
Emiliya Dimitrova

The costs of winter maintenance in the municipality increases inexplicably with each new winter season. Every three years the cost of cleaning the snow in the winter in the Municipality of Sevlievo increases by several hundred thousand BGN. Against the mild winters of the last years and the snowfalls that counted on the fingers, it […] Read more »

Corruption and monopoly in the sector of Municipal logging brings 18 companies from the sector in Sevlievo to protest

9:00, 19 Apr 19
Emiliya Dimitrova

Four cases in recent years give clear signals that logging in the area is victim of a scheme involving one company, a municipal enterprise and several familiar faces. Owners and employees of 18 logging companies in Sevlievo are protesting with demand to counteract corruption in the sector. The event is scheduled for April 23rd, the […] Read more »

The price of the shiny image

16:39, 5 Sep 18
Emiliya Dimitrova

The municipal administration in Sevlievo is serviced by an external PR agency but the rules of this partnership proved to be a deep secret Four months ago, “Pro Veritas” requested a reference for payments from Sevlievo Municipality budget for external PR services. They refused to prepare it arguing that this information could be found in […] Read more »

Indigo reports for four working days on the French Riviera

9:22, 29 Jun 18
Emiliya Dimitrova

The municipal administration in Sevlievo hid the names of 28 municipal councilors and officials who traveled to Nice for “exchange of good practices” and they copied their reports from each other. At the end of April this year 28 municipal employees and councilors from Sevlievo were four days in one of the most luxurious resorts […] Read more »

Four days, 28 municipal employees from Sevlievo worked diligently on the French Riviera and held … one “workshop”

16:48, 9 May 18
Emiliya Dimitrova

With taxpayers’ money, 23 municipal councilors, the four deputy mayors and the secretary of the Municipality of Sevlievo visited the luxury resort of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin Four days – between April 27th and April 30th, 23 municipal councilors, the four deputy mayors and the secretary of the Municipality of Sevlievo were on a visit to Nice announced […] Read more »

“Elementary mistake” deprived the business in Sevlievo of BGN 4 mln investments

8:22, 8 Jan 18
Emiliya Dimitrova

The fact that the municipality of Sevlievo will not get money under the Rural Development Program is a heavy shock to the local business Not a penny will enter the municipality of Sevlievo under the Rural Development Programme, sub-measure “Implementation of operations within the framework of community-led local development strategies”. The reason is negligence and […] Read more »

Another BGN 6 mln flow along the Sevlievo water main to “old acquaintances”

16:56, 6 Dec 17
Emiliya Dimitrova

The municipal administration in Sevlievo has assigned the repair of a water main in the town to a company that offered a higher price for the implementation of the project than the company ranked second in the tender and only 16 years warranty period of the facility against 54 years determined by its competitors. Read more »

The “comfortable” group or who will assimilate BGN 7.3 million in Dryanovo and Tryavna

22:11, 19 Nov 17
Emiliya Dimitrova

The local initiative group “Dryanovo-Tryavna in the heart of the Balkan” will evaluate and finance projects under the Rural Development Programme. But yet when the group was founded suspicions emerged that only associations and businessmen close to the Dryanovo Mayor Miroslav Semov were included in the group. In the next two years, small and medium-sized […] Read more »