The grave disaster of a gray business

9:00, 25 Jun 19
Елена Павлова

All state authorities have been monitoring indifferently, for years, the illegal business of unregulated transport A boy from the village of Gyovren, Devin region at the age of 14 is placed in a hospital in life-threatening condition and a woman from Sofia has a broken pelvis after a pickup truck rolled over in the “Valchi […] Read more »

The price of the shiny image

16:39, 5 Sep 18
Emiliya Dimitrova

The municipal administration in Sevlievo is serviced by an external PR agency but the rules of this partnership proved to be a deep secret Four months ago, “Pro Veritas” requested a reference for payments from Sevlievo Municipality budget for external PR services. They refused to prepare it arguing that this information could be found in […] Read more »

Indigo reports for four working days on the French Riviera

9:22, 29 Jun 18
Emiliya Dimitrova

The municipal administration in Sevlievo hid the names of 28 municipal councilors and officials who traveled to Nice for “exchange of good practices” and they copied their reports from each other. At the end of April this year 28 municipal employees and councilors from Sevlievo were four days in one of the most luxurious resorts […] Read more »

Four days, 28 municipal employees from Sevlievo worked diligently on the French Riviera and held … one “workshop”

16:48, 9 May 18
Emiliya Dimitrova

With taxpayers’ money, 23 municipal councilors, the four deputy mayors and the secretary of the Municipality of Sevlievo visited the luxury resort of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin Four days – between April 27th and April 30th, 23 municipal councilors, the four deputy mayors and the secretary of the Municipality of Sevlievo were on a visit to Nice announced […] Read more »

For me the costs – for you the profit, or how Smolyan is (not) managing its waste

14:40, 29 Mar 18
Zarko Marinov

Municipality Smolyan has built with a credit the separation waste disposal facility to save money from a garbage fee. Now the municipality spends more to support it, but still does not meet the requirements of the law. When approving the National Waste Management Plan, the government aims to recycle at least 40% of household waste […] Read more »

Delyan Dobrev’s parents have won a tender in Smolyan with … “risk management strategy”

16:08, 25 Nov 17
Zarko Marinov

The mayor of Smolyan, who is also the district leader of GERB, has signed a pellet supply contract with the parents of his colleague Delyan Dobrev in Haskovo, after eliminating their competition from the public procurement procedure. The “Vizyor” /Viewfinder/ company from Haskovo will deliver 700 tons of pellets to Smolyan Municipality over the next […] Read more »

The “comfortable” group or who will assimilate BGN 7.3 million in Dryanovo and Tryavna

22:11, 19 Nov 17
Emiliya Dimitrova

The local initiative group “Dryanovo-Tryavna in the heart of the Balkan” will evaluate and finance projects under the Rural Development Programme. But yet when the group was founded suspicions emerged that only associations and businessmen close to the Dryanovo Mayor Miroslav Semov were included in the group. In the next two years, small and medium-sized […] Read more »