The court stopped the sale without an auction of a hotel for BGN half a million

9:50, 19 Jul 21
Zarko Marinov

The court has imposed a temporary injunction on the Regional Comprehensive Cooperative (RCC) “Orpheus” in Smolyan to sell the Hotel-Restaurant “Ezerata” (the Lakes) to the Central Cooperative Union (CCU). The deal was stopped after a complaint by the member of the Management Board of the Cooperative, d-r Dimitar Pamporov. Read more »

Two months ago in Smolyan they asphalted streets under a European project, in a few days they will dig them up under another project

10:56, 29 Aug 20
Zarko Marinov

Two streets in the city of Smolyan – “1st of May” and “Miner’s”, asphalted about 2 months ago with European funds under the Operational Program “Growing Regions”, will be dug-up in the coming days to lay pipes for the large water project of “ViK”, financed under OP “Environment”. The renovation of “Miner’s” and “1st of […] Read more »

25 companies asked for cancellation of a public procurement in Smolyan because of suspected manipulations

8:59, 13 May 19
Zarko Marinov

Almost the entire construction business of Smolyan and the region has demanded the cancellation of one of the two public procurements for second water cycle of the regional city. The procurement was announced for the second time by Dipl. Eng. Marian Nikolov – Manager of “ViK” EOOD, on April 11th, after it was canceled once […] Read more »

Price doesn’t matter, or how to win a tender with “quality of personnel management”

9:00, 18 Apr 19
Zarko Marinov

The Mayor’s and the District Governor’s administrations in Smolyan compete in applying of unclear criteria in public procurement The criterion of “quality of personnel organization” is the most important in the public procurement tenders organized by Smolyan District Governor Nedyalko Slavov. This is shown by a reference of the tenders announced by his administration over […] Read more »

For me the costs – for you the profit, or how Smolyan is (not) managing its waste

14:40, 29 Mar 18
Zarko Marinov

Municipality Smolyan has built with a credit the separation waste disposal facility to save money from a garbage fee. Now the municipality spends more to support it, but still does not meet the requirements of the law. When approving the National Waste Management Plan, the government aims to recycle at least 40% of household waste […] Read more »

свлачището край Влахово

The Mystery “Smolyan – Madan bypass”, or how 8 million BGN sank into a landslide

17:15, 22 Mar 18
Zarko Marinov

The construction of the bypass road near the village of Vlahovo on the road Smolyan – Madan is about to become a mystery for millions of levs against the background of paralyzed institutions, absent state and overruled public interest The idea to circumvent the landslide with a bypass was first announced in the public space […] Read more »

Delyan Dobrev’s parents have won a tender in Smolyan with … “risk management strategy”

16:08, 25 Nov 17
Zarko Marinov

The mayor of Smolyan, who is also the district leader of GERB, has signed a pellet supply contract with the parents of his colleague Delyan Dobrev in Haskovo, after eliminating their competition from the public procurement procedure. The “Vizyor” /Viewfinder/ company from Haskovo will deliver 700 tons of pellets to Smolyan Municipality over the next […] Read more »

Smolyan in a TITANian grip

12:52, 29 Oct 17
Zarko Marinov

Regardless of the changes in the mayor’s office and the composition of the majority in the Municipal Council, the town continues to gasp in a hoop of companies-monopolist in the field of public procurement. In November 2011, the former mayor of Smolyan Dora Yankova (BSP) relinquished her office to Nikolay Melemov (GERB). The main messages […] Read more »