Will the story with pollution of Varna Lake continue in 2021?

15:05, 14 Dec 20
Za Istinata

The outpouring of 3 million cubic meters of fecal water in Varna Lake after the accident with the underwater pipeline that connects the neighborhoods “Asparuhovo” and “Galata” with the waste water treatment plant in the village of Topoli has become one of the landmark news of 2020. Not only because of the enormous pollution, but […] Read more »

AEJ expresses urgent concerns about threat of prison term against Bulgarian media owner for voicing ‘opinions

12:04, 26 Jun 20
Za Istinata

The international Association of European Journalists is urgently concerned about the questionable conduct of legal proceedings in a court case against Bulgarian media owner and businessman Ivo Prokopiev. The case relates to the privatisation of a state-owned power distribution company in 2011 and could lead to a criminal conviction and to Mr Prokopiev being sentenced to a prison sentence on unsound and tenuous grounds. Read more »

Desislava Taneva has advised farmers to hide frauds because “they will stop our funding from the EU”

13:58, 8 Jun 20
Za Istinata

During an online meeting of the Advisory Council on “Fruit and vegetable production”, Agriculture Minister Desislava Taneva had explained that violations of payments for "Tied Support" must be hiden by the control authorities, because otherwise the European Commission will stop the money. This becomes clear from a recording of the meeting, published by the website "Bivol". Read more »

The Mayor of Stamboliiski submitted his resignation – he bought five apartments in Sunny Beach during his term (video)

13:44, 18 Feb 20
Za Istinata

The Mayor of Stamboliiski Georgi Maradjiev has resigned following an investigation by bTV, according to which during his first term he bought five apartments in the Sunny Beach resort. Marandjiev also resigned as GERB’s coordinator in the Plovdiv region. Maradjiev is a mayor for second term, re-elected in the fall of last year. Until 2015, […] Read more »

Who raised Frankenstein, or what we didn’t see in the reality format “Remove Ignatov”

16:11, 27 Sep 19
Za Istinata

Who received the alert for the shared intimate photos of the girlfriend of Arch. Borislav Ignatov in 2012 and what happened to him? Serial blackmail of more than 20 texts in less than a week and an apparent refusal by the Ministry of the Interior to investigate the political scandal with intimate photos of Borislav […] Read more »

Freedom of expression in Bulgaria is endangered by the new amendments of the Law for Protection of Personal Data

13:40, 25 Jan 19
Za Istinata

On the 23rd of January 2019, the Bulgarian Parliament adopted amendments to the Law for Protection of Personal Data in its effort to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, some particular amendments raise serious concerns among journalists, artists, writers, bloggers and scientists. Which the Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria addressed back in […] Read more »