The Mayor of Stamboliiski submitted his resignation – he bought five apartments in Sunny Beach during his term (video)

The Mayor of the town of Stamboliiski Georgi Maradjiev
Photo: Screenshot from bTV

The Mayor of Stamboliiski Georgi Maradjiev has resigned following an investigation by bTV, according to which during his first term he bought five apartments in the Sunny Beach resort. Marandjiev also resigned as GERB’s coordinator in the Plovdiv region.

Maradjiev is a mayor for second term, re-elected in the fall of last year. Until 2015, he owned companies for the production of plastic bags, various types of foil and plastic products in Tsalapitsa. After becoming a mayor in 2015, he transferred the ownership and the management of the companies to his son.

“The motive for Georgi Maradjiev’s resignation is the desire the name of PP GERB not to be tainted while the investigation goes on of all facts and circumstances surrounding his deals, presented in the media,” GERB announced after the investigation broadcast this morning. According to the circulated opinion on the case, the GERB Executive Committee will discuss the information gathered during the bTV investigation and only then will decide on the reaction to the case.

Data made public during the bTV investigation show that two of the apartments in Sunny Beach were bought in 2017, one in 2018 and two in 2019. A check in the property register shows that the apartments, which are with about 50 sq. m built-up area were bought at prices between BGN 58 thousand and BGN 131 thousand.

Three of the apartments in Sunny Beach were bought by Georgi Maradjiev’s wife, one belongs to his son and one – to his underage granddaughter’s. Another 4 similar apartments in the same complex in Sunny Beach were acquired by the Maradjievs before 2015.

Upon entering into his first term in 2015, he declared an unpaid loan and overdraft amounting to BGN 3.3 million. However, only a year later – in 2016, Maradjiev and his wife acquired BGN 2.5 million from the sale of nearly 6 decares of property of the former company of the mayor near Tsalapitsa. The tax assessment of the plots was BGN 68 thousand.

You can follow the entire bTV investigation here.

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