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Arena Shumen concert hall

“You must care and be angry. A good journalist must be constantly angry. You can’t get used to or resign yourself to blatant wrongdoing,” Diyana Zhelyazkova says.


“How Is This Possible? Why Aren’t People Angry?” Diyana Responds

11:33, 28 Jun 22

Palamara Hunting Lodge Photo: Diana Zhelyazkova

"Boyko Borissov's secret lair - Palamara hunting farm" - under this title the co-chair of the Greens and DB MP Vladislav Panev published a video from the hunting residence near the Shumen village of Venets, known as the unofficial center of power.


“Borissov’s “secret lair” – why elite forestry has been working for years with huge loss

13:32, 16 Sep 21

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