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Palamara Hunting Lodge Photo: Diana Zhelyazkova

"Boyko Borissov's secret lair - Palamara hunting farm" - under this title the co-chair of the Greens and DB MP Vladislav Panev published a video from the hunting residence near the Shumen village of Venets, known as the unofficial center of power.


“Borissov’s “secret lair” – why elite forestry has been working for years with huge loss

13:32, 16 Sep 21

Photo: “Otzvuk”

The court has imposed a temporary injunction on the Regional Comprehensive Cooperative (RCC) “Orpheus” in Smolyan to sell the Hotel-Restaurant “Ezerata” (the Lakes) to the Central Cooperative Union (CCU). The deal was stopped after a complaint by the member of the Management Board of the Cooperative, d-r Dimitar Pamporov.


The court stopped the sale without an auction of a hotel for BGN half a million

9:50, 19 Jul 21

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