Venelina Popova

A longtime journalist in the Horizon Program of Bulgarian National Radio, a correspondent from Stara Zagora. Winner of the Panitza Prize for civic courage. She has gone through two court trials for her investigations, both of which with acquittals. She believes in the power of independent and honest journalism.


Diana Zhelyazkova

Diana Zhelyazkova is owner and editor in chief of Radian website. She has been a journalist since 1987. She worked for Shoumenska Zarya daily, as a local correspondent for BTA. Diana has an experience as director of Shumen TV, author and TV broadcaster, correspondent for the Bulgarian National Televisions. She has been awarded numerous journalistic awards.


Elena Pavlova

Elena Pavlova is a journalist in the newspaper “Otzvuk” since 2001. Her professional interest is related to the judicial system in Bulgaria. She has also published her own investigations. Elena was awarded the annual prize of the Union of Lawyers in Bulgaria for publications in regional media.


Emiliya Dimitrova – Dankova

Emiliya Dimitrova – Dankova graduated Bulgarian Philology at Veliko Tarnovo University St. St. Cyril and Methodius. Since her graduation she works as a journalist, and since 2015 she developed her own site for news from Sevlievo and the region. She was editor-in-chief of Sevlievo Today newspaper, journalist in Rossitsa newspaper and editor-in-charge of the news in cable TV Kiwi-TV in Sevlievo. Since 2015 she is Coordinator of the Access to Information Program for Gabrovo District. Emilia Dimitrova – Dankova is the winner of the Golden Key award of Access to Information Program for 2018.


Zarko Marinov

Zarko Marinov graduated Bulgarian Philology at Veliko Tarnovo University in 1989. He worked as a correspondent of Kontinet newspaper. Since 1993 he is publisher and editor-in-chief of the newspaper Otzvuk in Smolyan. Since the end of 2015 until the end of 2016 he was Deputy District Governor of Smolyan – a position he left after resigning for disagreement with the failed judicial reform in Bulgaria.


Ivan Atanasov

Ivan Atanasov is a publisher and editor-in-chief of the electronic and printed edition Sakarnews. He has been involved with journalism since 1996. He has publications in almost all central media.


Marieta Dimitrova

Marieta Dimitrova is editor-in-chief and owner of the Blagoevgrad News, information agency and has worked in Blagoevgrad and the region as a reporter and correspondent for the daily comedy TV show „Gospodari na Efira“. She has been involved in journalism since 2003 and is experienced as a radio and TV presenter.

Currently, Marieta works actively in the field of investigative journalism. She is the winner of the „Valya Krushkinna – journalism for the people“ competition for 2017 and 2018 and the first prize in the category „Economics“ of the competition for pure journalism Web Repоrt for 2018.


Petya Mihova

Petya Mihova graduated from the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies, as well as two Master’s degrees in Journalism and Business Administration. In 2015 she started working as a trainee at the Gramofona website, then worked in FOCUS Radio – Burgas.

From the end of 2016, Petya is a reporter and newsreader at Radio Burgas, part of the Bulgarian National Radio chain. She achieved the best result at the BNR – Academy 2018 with her feature “Far From Prison” . The same year, Petya was ranked in the top three of “Valya Krushkinna – Journalism for People” competition.