‘Za Istinata’ is a project of the Pro Veritas Association.

The project has the goal to create an independent, online media platform that will develop a journalistic network across the country. The platform will publish investigations connected with the functioning of the local authorities, the grey economy, the corrupt practices in public-private partnerships, the different types of conflict of interests, the judiciary, crime and its connection to the different types of political formations, the NGOs, the power structures.

Another aim of the project, parallel to the creation of an effective work environment for journalists based outside of the capital, is to give them the opportunity to get additional qualifications in a series of trainings with the participation of leading journalists, media experts and university lecturers.

The project will provide an opportunity for the establishment of contacts between investigative journalists from different regions of the country and in this way will allow exchange of information, experience and contacts. The professional community that will emerge will give the journalists in the countryside a feeling for more security, solidarity and support and thus will make them more motivated in their work and more resilient to outside pressure.

In the long run the creation of a sustainable and effective basis for the development of investigative journalism outside of the capital can serve as an additional catalyst to the efforts for reform of the judiciary, the fight against corruption and organized crime.