Borisov in the mirror of paranoia

Five days – this was the time needed for the Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Interior to confirm the foretold death of all illusions that from the moral quagmire in which the state has sunk, a sudden justice can be born.

On Tuesday, the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office announced that the criminal proceedings for the photos and video of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov’s bedroom had been suspended because the identity of the “beautiful lady” (called by Borisov himself “Mata Hari” – note of the Editor), who has probably made the pictures, cannot be established. In another story from the end of last week, the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office announced that it had not found enough data for a crime in the audio recordings, distributed anonymously on June 12 this year. In them, a voice like that of Prime Minister Borissov demonstrates in detail the political vulgarity as a technology for governing the country. A day later, on Saturday, it became known that the Ministry of Interior had not found anyone guilty of the beating of journalist Dimitar Kenarov by police while covering the anti-government protests on September 2 this year. In short, the police and the prosecutor’s office informed the citizens that any attempt to control those who rule them, but also

any outburst of their discontent will be punished in cold blood – with cynicism and arrogance

From the announcement of the prosecutor’s office about the terminated inspection of the photos from the prime minister’s bedroom it is not clear whether Borissov was interogated at all. The question of whether an attempt was made to establish the identity of the women who visited him in order to satisfy (in his own words) “his human needs” remains unanswered as well. Meanwhile, two publications – “Bivol” and “E-newspaper”, published expert reports on photos and videos from the prime minister’s residence. The conclusion was that the dates and time at which Borisov was visited by Mata Hari could be established without much effort. Comparing these data with security diary entries would provide answers to all other questions.

The refusal of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office to initiate pre-trial proceedings on the other case – with the voice recordings such as of the voice of Borisov, was motivated by the fact that they lacked “sufficient data on the basis of which a reasonable presumption could be made of a committed crime of general character.” “Otherwise, inflate the fact that I put the FSC on “Eurohold” to blur the face of the one that does not comply with me,” said the voice from the recordings. But according to the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office, it has nothing to do with the reality in which in April 2019 the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) actually inspected “Eurohold Bulgaria” AD.

The pre-determined outcome of the inspection of the audio recordings was set in the “key” of its beginning. In August this year, the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office announced that the investigation of the audio files will focus on whether it is illegal wiretapping and not on the possible data in them about committed crimes. Said and done!

What is not sought, cannot be found

Regarding the third case from the last week – the beating of the journalist Dimitar Kenarov, the data provided to the electronic edition “Sega” by the Ministry of Interior show that the inspection for unprovoked violence and illegal detention ended yet on December 3. But quietly, as if guilty.

The very next day after the beating, the bruises on Kenarov’s face were circulated in dozens of photos and television broadcasts. But in the sparing information provided to “Sega”, traces of police violence against an official during the performance of his journalistic duties were not commented on. Instead, they reflect the camouflaged verbosity that “the appointed commission has unequivocally established that there is no evidence to confirm and give grounds for the expressed concern about the alleged attack by the Bulgarian police.” The inspection did not establish illegal actions of police officers, which led to illegal arrest and bodily injuries to Kenarov. Only violations in the processing of the documents for his detention were found. But as in the case of the recordings of the voice “like Borisov’s” and in the one with the beating inflicted on Dimitar Kenarov, indications of the direction of the investigation were given even before it began. Immediately after the incident, when asked whether the police officers who committed the violence would be punished, Interior Ministry Chief Secretary Ivaylo Ivanov replied in cold blood: “There is no beaten journalist.”

That is why in Bulgaria the obvious already seems like a parallel and desperately unattainable reality. The one we live in is of unpunished evil, of residual and terminally depleted morality.

The so-called “checks” of the audio recordings distributed in July, of the photos with Borisov’s nightstand, as well as the one about the kicks against Kenarov, are direct and irrefutable motives for at least three sad conclusions: At the end of his third term Borissov is stuck

in the mire of the state devoid of institutions which he himself created to govern alone

In Bulgaria, and after the interview of the Prime Minister for SPIEGEL magazine in September, half the world knows that the “king” is sleeping naked. And his legitimacy disappears like the shadow of Mata Hari in the mirrors of incurable paranoia. During his ten years in power, Borissov managed to replace the protection of law and order in the country with their grotesque opposite, and to turn the Ministry of Interior into a directorate of the party militia. Traces of her repression now remain on the faces of his opponents, but not in police diaries.

That is why Bulgaria now looks like a country governed out of spite and by the laws of some institutional sociopathy – demonstratively abandoning values and morals, refusing to learn from its mistakes, trying to blur every old conflict with a new, more difficult and insurmountable one. There are only a few breaths left for the civic spirit in this country. And time for only one effort – like Baron Munchausen – to pull himself out of the mud before it finally obscures his horizon.


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The truth is expensive.  If you have found it here - please support us!