“But maybe Europe should” peek into the bedrooms of Bulgarian “journalism”

22:55, 2 Oct 20
Spas Spasov

With a decision under it. 3 of its last meeting agenda, the Council of Ministers will propose to President Rumen Radev to issue a decree awarding the publisher of “Trud” newspaper Petyo Blaskov with the Order of St. St. Cyril and Methodius - necklace. According to a proposal made by the Minister of Culture, Blaskov should receive it "for his contribution to the development of contemporary Bulgarian journalism". Read more »

Is a kilometer of boulevard in Varna more expensive than a kilometer of highway?

22:52, 11 Jun 20
Spas Spasov

According to rough estimates, the reconstruction of the infamous “Vasil Levski” Blvd in Varna, which was completed last year, costs to taxpayers about BGN 38 million per kilometer. At the same time, the officially announced prices of 10 lots of the Hemus Highway, currently under construction, show that a kilometer of it costs an average of about BGN 9-10 million. The difference is almost four times. Read more »

How 5 million Euro and thousands of cubic meters of fecal water flowed into the Varna Lake

22:19, 26 Apr 20
Spas Spasov

Between 6 and 8 thousand cubic meters of heavily polluted fecal water are poured every day into Varna Lake from a broken pipeline The pipe was not dug into the lake bed as envisaged in the project for its construction worth 5 million euros. BGN 1.3 million are needed for the repairs but it is not clear who will do it or when. Read more »

Omerta, or how a business trip of the Mayor of Varna became a secret of secrets

23:54, 23 Feb 20
Spas Spasov

Operative workers from the former criminal militia are confronted with the silence and indifference of citizens who have witnessed a crime that authorities are investigating. Thus, in one sentence, the story of the old Bulgarian film "I don't know, I didn't hear, I didn't see" can be retold. Another "film", in which a business trip to Israel of Varna Mayor Ivan Portnich turned into, in the winter of 2018, turned out to have a very similar plot. So similar that even its title may be the same. Read more »

How Bulgaria sold to Moscow 80 decares of coastal land for “Raduga” camp, for BGN 10 per sq. m

23:36, 28 Jan 20
Spas Spasov

The sanatorium-health complex (SOC) "Kamchia" near Varna, which Russia could turn into a "cultural and humanitarian platform" for pursuing its interests in Europe, is built on a land plot acquired in one of the most scandalous state property deals on the North Black Sea coast. This is shown by a report prepared by the Varna District Administration in February 2010. Read more »

Jock Palfreeman’s short stick

22:50, 4 Oct 19
Spas Spasov

Stoyan Stoichkov was released from the Varna Prison on January 31 this year. This happened 5 years and 24 days before the expiration of the 17-year sentence imposed on him for comlicity in the murder of Bulgarian student Martin Borilski in Paris in 2000. Stoichkov’s early parole was ordered by the court a week earlier. A reference on the events preceding the release, provided by the Varna District Court, shows that the case was filed at the request of Stoichkov on December 27 last year. For unknown reasons, the court ruling, as well as the reasons for it, have not been published on the website of the District Court in Varna so far. Read more »

The time of the villains

22:42, 30 Sep 19
Spas Spasov

The atrocities often become visible suddenly and too late – only when they have treacherously revived the past. When they have replaced the present with it in order to deprive of sense any effort to move forward. This was done on Sunday by the Bulgarian National Television with the interview of the former Attorney General Nikola Filchev. Read more »