How will the natural environment in Stara Planina be preserved with millions for a road?

9:00, 9 Dec 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

Corrections in the Management Plan of the “Central Balkan” National Park and removal from there of the roads with free access were requested by a petition from the Bulgarian Mountaineering Union (BMU) and the “Nasam-Natam” Tourist Association (@TDNasamNatam). The reason – the places designated for hiking in the park are plowed by cars that move freely […] Read more »

Not a single respirator was bought by the Sevlievo MHAT Hospital from the donations for respirators

12:19, 23 Nov 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

Three weeks after the registration of the first case of coronavirus in Gabrovo, from the Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment (MHAT) “Dr. Stoycho Hristov” in Sevlievo they announced a donation campaign for the purchase of respiratory devices. Seven months later, it turned out that not a single respirator had been purchased and the information how […] Read more »

Priorities: Where a street has to be directed to in order to be asphalted

11:26, 29 Oct 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

For the repair of four streets in the Sevlievo village of Mlechevo this summer, the Municipality of Sevlievo redirected BGN 30,000 of the money for capital expenditures. The repairs were completed “within the planned financial framework” (according to the contractor), but the patches on some of the holes are now crumbling and will most likely […] Read more »

Who ordered the Sevlievo music, or how tuba and flute became political instruments

11:05, 7 Oct 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

At the beginning of 2020, the Sevlievo brass orchestra was left without the flute and tuba performers. A commission of accountant, sound engineer and organizer decided that without the two instruments the orchestra would be able to continue performing its repertoire and even can enrich it. Read more »

Nearly BGN 17 million “for achieved results” received by officials in the Ministry of Finance in July

14:19, 1 Sep 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

Employees in the Ministry of Finance and its administrative structures received in July this year BGN 16.6 million above their salaries. The money is not for additional incentive, but a reward “for achieved results”, i.e. “quality and timely work”, the department clarified in response to questions asked by “Pro Veritas”. Read more »

Subordinates to Denitsa Sacheva received in July bonuses higher than their salaries

12:35, 25 Aug 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

Employees in the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and its structures received in July this year bonuses in the amount of BGN 9,826,650. This is an “additional remuneration for achieved results” in the second quarter of the year. In many cases, it is several times higher than the salaries of officials, according to information […] Read more »

Money, more money! How GERB bought the “Praetorian Guard” of the officials

12:24, 7 Aug 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

Shortly before the start of the conference, for which GERB party activists from across the country were convened in the capital on Wednesday, the government decided to allocate hundreds of BGN millions to increase the salaries of civil servants. The decision to increase the salaries of the officials was taken only days after they received […] Read more »

How the public report on donations in the Municipality of Sevlievo is not actually public

12:13, 19 Jul 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

In the Municipality of Sevlievo there is no Ordinance for receiving, managing and disposing of donations. There is no internal act either, that would regulate the terms and conditions for concluding donation contracts. But donations are received – without rules and publicity, “Pro Veritas” found. This naturally provokes the question of where they are going […] Read more »

A project to waste BGN 4 million, or how the Coronavirus becomes an excuse

16:45, 30 Jun 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

In October 2019, in the midst of the local election campaign, the residents of Sevlievo, Dryanovo and Suhindol received a bucket containing twenty biodegradable bags and a leaflet with detailed instructions on what to do with them. This was the so-called “free of charge start package”, with which the population in two of the three […] Read more »