After BGN 13 million, “Arena Shumen”, opened in 2018, is now in need of major repair

18:02, 23 Mar 21
Diana Jeliazkova

“Arena Shumen” Hall, for which the state and the municipality spent nearly BGN 13 million, has again leakages despite the repairs that began soon after its opening in 2018. The official staircase to the hall is already soaked with rain and snow that fell in recent days, and the plaster is moldy and crumbling in […] Read more »

How the almost bankrupted ViK – Shumen buys media comfort and pays for expensive PR

9:06, 18 Nov 20
Diana Jeliazkova

The almost bankrupted state-owned company Water Supply and Sewerage Company (ViK) – Shumen, whose accounts were seized by a bailiff and which only a month ago needed urgent state aid in order not to remain without electricity supply has been buying media comfort for years and paying for expensive PR. This shows a financial audit […] Read more »

The only applicant – the shadow of “GP Group” peeks behind a project for over BGN 21 million in Shumen

14:21, 14 Sep 20
Diana Jeliazkova

At the end of April, a company affiliated with “GP Group” won an order for the construction of a treatment plant in Shumen worth over BGN 21 million, VAT excluded. Now traces to the same company appear in the competition for the selection of construction supervision of the project. Read more »

“The battle is for school lands.” What lies behind the replacement of a school principal from the Deliorman?

17:45, 21 Jul 20
Diana Jeliazkova

The hottest topic in the Shumen municipality of Venets is not the anti-government protests, but the tension that has been going on for weeks due to the planned replacement of the Principal of the Secondary School “N. Vaptsarov” Selime Kardzhalieva. The school is the only school in the Deliorman municipality, and its principal is a […] Read more »

Shumen’s Excess Money – the city wrote its name with onyx letters in a garden, for BGN 500 thousand.

13:18, 11 Jul 19
Diana Jeliazkova

Exactly BGN 500 per sq.m. - that is how much it costs to renovate the garden in front of the Courthouse in Shumen. The green space, located on area just over one decare, “swallowed” BGN 500,000 for renovation. The price is calculated for replacement of only part of the park pavement, for the fountain, for lighting and new flowers. And an inscription "Shumen" against the background of the City Courthouse, written in 20 kilograms onyx letters. Read more »