Punishment action in the ghetto – how the mayor of Gurkovo took pre-election revenge on the “disobedient” Roma (video)

7:30, 1 Jul 21
Venelina Popova

Ten days before the early parliamentary elections on July 11th in Gurkovo, the mayor of the municipality Marian Tsonev (MRF) stopped the water in the Roma neighborhood of “Lozenets-North” after its residents demanded that he fulfills his pre-election promises. This happened at temperature of 40oC and under pandemic conditions! How this unprecedented repression came about […] Read more »

Phantoms in the hospital, or how fictitious patients turn out to be a “technical error”

13:58, 24 Jun 21
Venelina Popova

Signals for fake hospitalizations in the capital’s “Lozenets” Hospital along clinical path 20.1 “Interventional treatment and related diagnostic catheterizations for cardiovascular diseases for persons over 18 years of age”, for which the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) paid BGN 3,318 until August 2020, and then BGN 3,671, became the subject of a journalistic investigation and […] Read more »

How the local authority in Stara Zagora misled the citizens and violated the laws

13:44, 18 Jan 21
Venelina Popova

If an ordinary citizen violates the law and this is certified by the relevant responsible institution, he/she shall bear the sanction provided for this. But when the state or the institutions of central and local authorities allow themselves to break or circumvent the law, this remains without consequences. Read more »

Again for the paid love between the authorities and the media

9:00, 3 Dec 20
Venelina Popova

EU funds have increased corruption and facilitated the takeover of the state, in particular they have been used to buy – directly or through public procurement – most of the media. This is what Simeon Dyankov, a former financial minister in Boyko Borissov’s first government, not a representative of the opposition in Bulgaria, has told […] Read more »

The Military Medical Academy hid the documents for the donations of Delyan Peevski, if they exist at all

14:16, 7 Aug 20
Venelina Popova

In several consecutive publications, “Pro Veritas” investigated the donations of MP Delyan Peevski, made on behalf of his company “Intrust” EAD to many hospitals in the country after the beginning of Covid-19 epidemic. The reason for this investigation was the noisy media campaign in which these donations were publicly presented as personal gestures of the […] Read more »

Why “Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech” gave up looking for gold in Sredna Gora Mountain

9:00, 4 Jul 20
Venelina Popova

The Company “Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech” EAD has refused to sign a contract with the Ministry of Energy for search and exploration of metal minerals in the area of ​​“St. Nikola”, located on 155 sq. km of the territory of five municipalities from Stara Zagora and Plovdiv region – Stara Zagora, Kazanlak, Pavel Banya, Bratya […] Read more »

“Intrust” EAD – the hidden donation portfolio of Delyan Peevski

0:50, 30 Apr 20
Venelina Popova

Yet in the first days after the state of emergency was imposed in the country, Delyan Peevski – MP from MRF (Movement for rights and freedoms) launched a loudly advertised donation campaign. In it, he was presented as a generous philanthropist, who has donated already (according to media publications) nearly BGN 5 million to hospitals in Bulgaria. But only a few media and journalists have publicly asked the question, what is the origin of the money for these donations and whether they are made according to all the requirements of the law. Read more »