Spas Spasov

Спас Спасов ръководи кореспондентското бюро на „Дневник” във Варна.Завършил е Българска филология, след което е работил в различни печатни и електронни медии.Специализирал е журналистика в Съединените щати и Холандия. Завършил е курса „Медиите в интернет” в Центъра за обучение и квалификация на журналисти в Париж ( ).Още статии от автора – на

Quo vadis, Borisov?

The number of Bulgarians, who acknowledge that democracy is the best form of public governance despite its shortcomings, is declining. This is shown by sociological data for the period from 2005 to the end of last year. The good news is that convinced Democrats are still in the majority, the bad news is that this majority is already too fragile.

The chalk circle, or why May 24th did not become a national holiday of Bulgaria

On February 27, 1990, the then still existing State Council in Bulgaria decided to designate March 3rd as the national holiday of Bulgaria instead of September 9th. Six days later, the decision was confirmed by the National Assembly. Thus, ostensibly "breaking with its past", hastily and strategically Bulgaria was left in the chalk circle between Russia and Europe.

We had a pope

Habemus papam ("We have a Pope") - this is how the cardinal archdeacon announces from the central lodge of the Vatican Basilica "St. Peter" the election of a new pope. The chosen one then pronounces his blessing "Towards the city and the world" (Urbi et orbi).