Paid “objectivity” or how much did Stara Zagora spend on media services?

9:00, 11 Jun 19
Venelina Popova

The mayor of the city has concluded contracts for media services with sole decisions and without sanction of the Municipal Council. Prime Minister Borisov announced his decision to reduce the party subsidy from BGN 11 to BGN 1 per vote, with the threat: “Let’s see how the parties will then pay for journalists, sociologists and […] Read more »

“Circumstances for possible crime”, or how to loose of stubbornness

9:00, 22 Feb 19
Emiliya Dimitrova

On February 13th, the District Prosecutor's Office - Gabrovo sent to the Specialized Prosecutor's Office a case file containing "circumstances for possible crime" under Art. 219 of the Criminal Code, performed by the Mayor of Dryanovo Miroslav Semov. The text indicated, refers to abeyance of official that is leading to dissolution of property and lack of control over the work of employees responsible for public property. The punishment provided for in these cases is imprisonment of two to eight years or fine of up to BGN 5,000. Read more »