Will the story with pollution of Varna Lake continue in 2021?

15:05, 14 Dec 20
Za Istinata

The outpouring of 3 million cubic meters of fecal water in Varna Lake after the accident with the underwater pipeline that connects the neighborhoods “Asparuhovo” and “Galata” with the waste water treatment plant in the village of Topoli has become one of the landmark news of 2020. Not only because of the enormous pollution, but […] Read more »

Again for the paid love between the authorities and the media

9:00, 3 Dec 20
Venelina Popova

EU funds have increased corruption and facilitated the takeover of the state, in particular they have been used to buy – directly or through public procurement – most of the media. This is what Simeon Dyankov, a former financial minister in Boyko Borissov’s first government, not a representative of the opposition in Bulgaria, has told […] Read more »

Not a single respirator was bought by the Sevlievo MHAT Hospital from the donations for respirators

12:19, 23 Nov 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

Three weeks after the registration of the first case of coronavirus in Gabrovo, from the Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment (MHAT) “Dr. Stoycho Hristov” in Sevlievo they announced a donation campaign for the purchase of respiratory devices. Seven months later, it turned out that not a single respirator had been purchased and the information how […] Read more »

A personal role model – the mayor of Ivaylovgrad was photographed on the mosaics in the villa “Armira” yet in 2017

9:00, 4 Nov 20
Ivan Atanasov

The mayor of Ivaylovgrad Diana Ovcharova (GERB) and the Regional Governor of Haskovo Stanislav Dachev gave a “personal role model” for violating the ban on stepping on ancient mosaics in the historical monument “Villa Armira” near Ivaylovgrad. This is shown by photos that “Pro Veritas” has. The first of them is from 2017. On it, […] Read more »

Priorities: Where a street has to be directed to in order to be asphalted

11:26, 29 Oct 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

For the repair of four streets in the Sevlievo village of Mlechevo this summer, the Municipality of Sevlievo redirected BGN 30,000 of the money for capital expenditures. The repairs were completed “within the planned financial framework” (according to the contractor), but the patches on some of the holes are now crumbling and will most likely […] Read more »

Who ordered the Sevlievo music, or how tuba and flute became political instruments

11:05, 7 Oct 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

At the beginning of 2020, the Sevlievo brass orchestra was left without the flute and tuba performers. A commission of accountant, sound engineer and organizer decided that without the two instruments the orchestra would be able to continue performing its repertoire and even can enrich it. Read more »