Did Atanas Kambitov receive BGN 80,000 from the “Start 2015” company while he was mayor of Blagoevgrad?

14:19, 27 Sep 19
Marieta Dimitrova

For two years now, there has been no result of the court trial, which has to establish why in the annual property declaration of Kambitov for 2018 there is an amount exactly identical to the profit of “Start 2015”. Because of the extreme public importance of the topic of the relationship of Atanas Kambitov, Mayor […] Read more »

When it is not snowing in Sevlievo, money is poured in for its cleaning

9:00, 26 Sep 19
Emiliya Dimitrova

The costs of winter maintenance in the municipality increases inexplicably with each new winter season. Every three years the cost of cleaning the snow in the winter in the Municipality of Sevlievo increases by several hundred thousand BGN. Against the mild winters of the last years and the snowfalls that counted on the fingers, it […] Read more »

How the Mayor of Dryanovo boasts that he has concluded an illegal contract for BGN 3.6 million

16:08, 6 Sep 19
Emiliya Dimitrova

The Mayor of Dryanovo municipality Miroslav Semov signed a contract for a public procurement contractor for BGN 3.6 million in indisputable contradiction with the Public Procurement Act (PPA). The scandal in this case is not that the law has been violated but that the Mayor personally boasted on Facebook about what he did.   “Dear Dryanovo […] Read more »

The lie that kills Galabovo

17:51, 12 Jul 19
Venelina Popova

Another case of gassing and dusting of the air in the town of Galabovo from the activity of the Brickel TPP owned by Hristo Kovachki, is a precedent, not an incident, as it was presented in some of the media that published information about what has happened. Read more »

Shumen’s Excess Money – the city wrote its name with onyx letters in a garden, for BGN 500 thousand.

13:18, 11 Jul 19
Diana Jeliazkova

Exactly BGN 500 per sq.m. - that is how much it costs to renovate the garden in front of the Courthouse in Shumen. The green space, located on area just over one decare, “swallowed” BGN 500,000 for renovation. The price is calculated for replacement of only part of the park pavement, for the fountain, for lighting and new flowers. And an inscription "Shumen" against the background of the City Courthouse, written in 20 kilograms onyx letters. Read more »

From Shadow Business to Conflict of Interest – The Road of a Civil Cervant

17:56, 2 Jul 19
Елена Павлова

The wife of an expert at the Regional Agriculture Service in Smolyan received BGN 50,000 as a young farmer while she was a municipal employee and in maternity leave The expert in the Regional Agriculture Service and the deputy chairman of the Devin Municipal Council, Velizar Shanov, filed a false declaration of conflict of interest, […] Read more »

The grave disaster of a gray business

9:00, 25 Jun 19
Елена Павлова

All state authorities have been monitoring indifferently, for years, the illegal business of unregulated transport A boy from the village of Gyovren, Devin region at the age of 14 is placed in a hospital in life-threatening condition and a woman from Sofia has a broken pelvis after a pickup truck rolled over in the “Valchi […] Read more »