“Circumstances for possible crime”, or how to loose of stubbornness

9:00, 22 Feb 19

On February 13th, the District Prosecutor's Office - Gabrovo sent to the Specialized Prosecutor's Office a case file containing "circumstances for possible crime" under Art. 219 of the Criminal Code, performed by the Mayor of Dryanovo Miroslav Semov. The text indicated, refers to abeyance of official that is leading to dissolution of property and lack of control over the work of employees responsible for public property. The punishment provided for in these cases is imprisonment of two to eight years or fine of up to BGN 5,000. Read more »

Freedom of expression in Bulgaria is endangered by the new amendments of the Law for Protection of Personal Data

13:40, 12 Feb 19

On the 23rd of January 2019, the Bulgarian Parliament adopted amendments to the Law for Protection of Personal Data in its effort to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, some particular amendments raise serious concerns among journalists, artists, writers, bloggers and scientists. Which the Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria addressed back in […] Read more »

Money for nothing, or how Stara Zagora runs a project for BGN 14.7 million

9:00, 4 Feb 19

Stara Zagora together with Plovdiv, Varna, Rousse and Pleven absorb BGN 196 million from the EU Regional Development Operational Program for modernization of urban transport. The funds are allocated between them on the basis of the number of inhabitants, the population that uses public transport and the tourist flow. Read more »

How officials from four municipalities have absorbed BGN 700,000 on EU projects

9:00, 3 Jan 19

Municipal employees in the four municipalities of Gabrovo District, who participated in project management teams with European and national funding, have earned nearly BGN 700,000 over their salaries. The report is for a three-year period - from the beginning of 2015 to the autumn of 2018. In some cases the bonuses are tens of thousands of BGN and their size is not proportional to the value of the projects. Read more »

The price of the shiny image

16:39, 5 Sep 18

The municipal administration in Sevlievo is serviced by an external PR agency but the rules of this partnership proved to be a deep secret Four months ago, “Pro Veritas” requested a reference for payments from Sevlievo Municipality budget for external PR services. They refused to prepare it arguing that this information could be found in […] Read more »

Indigo reports for four working days on the French Riviera

9:22, 29 Jun 18

The municipal administration in Sevlievo hid the names of 28 municipal councilors and officials who traveled to Nice for “exchange of good practices” and they copied their reports from each other. At the end of April this year 28 municipal employees and councilors from Sevlievo were four days in one of the most luxurious resorts […] Read more »

Four days, 28 municipal employees from Sevlievo worked diligently on the French Riviera and held … one “workshop”

16:48, 9 May 18

With taxpayers’ money, 23 municipal councilors, the four deputy mayors and the secretary of the Municipality of Sevlievo visited the luxury resort of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin Four days – between April 27th and April 30th, 23 municipal councilors, the four deputy mayors and the secretary of the Municipality of Sevlievo were on a visit to Nice announced […] Read more »

For me the costs – for you the profit, or how Smolyan is (not) managing its waste

14:40, 29 Mar 18

Municipality Smolyan has built with a credit the separation waste disposal facility to save money from a garbage fee. Now the municipality spends more to support it, but still does not meet the requirements of the law. When approving the National Waste Management Plan, the government aims to recycle at least 40% of household waste […] Read more »

свлачището край Влахово

The Mystery “Smolyan – Madan bypass”, or how 8 million BGN sank into a landslide

17:15, 22 Mar 18

The construction of the bypass road near the village of Vlahovo on the road Smolyan – Madan is about to become a mystery for millions of levs against the background of paralyzed institutions, absent state and overruled public interest The idea to circumvent the landslide with a bypass was first announced in the public space […] Read more »