How will the natural environment in Stara Planina be preserved with millions for a road?

9:00, 9 Dec 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

Corrections in the Management Plan of the “Central Balkan” National Park and removal from there of the roads with free access were requested by a petition from the Bulgarian Mountaineering Union (BMU) and the “Nasam-Natam” Tourist Association (@TDNasamNatam). The reason – the places designated for hiking in the park are plowed by cars that move freely […] Read more »

How the almost bankrupted ViK – Shumen buys media comfort and pays for expensive PR

9:06, 18 Nov 20
Diana Jeliazkova

The almost bankrupted state-owned company Water Supply and Sewerage Company (ViK) – Shumen, whose accounts were seized by a bailiff and which only a month ago needed urgent state aid in order not to remain without electricity supply has been buying media comfort for years and paying for expensive PR. This shows a financial audit […] Read more »

The only applicant – the shadow of “GP Group” peeks behind a project for over BGN 21 million in Shumen

14:21, 14 Sep 20
Diana Jeliazkova

At the end of April, a company affiliated with “GP Group” won an order for the construction of a treatment plant in Shumen worth over BGN 21 million, VAT excluded. Now traces to the same company appear in the competition for the selection of construction supervision of the project. Read more »

Nearly BGN 17 million “for achieved results” received by officials in the Ministry of Finance in July

14:19, 1 Sep 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

Employees in the Ministry of Finance and its administrative structures received in July this year BGN 16.6 million above their salaries. The money is not for additional incentive, but a reward “for achieved results”, i.e. “quality and timely work”, the department clarified in response to questions asked by “Pro Veritas”. Read more »

Subordinates to Denitsa Sacheva received in July bonuses higher than their salaries

12:35, 25 Aug 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

Employees in the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and its structures received in July this year bonuses in the amount of BGN 9,826,650. This is an “additional remuneration for achieved results” in the second quarter of the year. In many cases, it is several times higher than the salaries of officials, according to information […] Read more »

The Military Medical Academy hid the documents for the donations of Delyan Peevski, if they exist at all

14:16, 7 Aug 20
Venelina Popova

In several consecutive publications, “Pro Veritas” investigated the donations of MP Delyan Peevski, made on behalf of his company “Intrust” EAD to many hospitals in the country after the beginning of Covid-19 epidemic. The reason for this investigation was the noisy media campaign in which these donations were publicly presented as personal gestures of the […] Read more »

“The battle is for school lands.” What lies behind the replacement of a school principal from the Deliorman?

17:45, 21 Jul 20
Diana Jeliazkova

The hottest topic in the Shumen municipality of Venets is not the anti-government protests, but the tension that has been going on for weeks due to the planned replacement of the Principal of the Secondary School “N. Vaptsarov” Selime Kardzhalieva. The school is the only school in the Deliorman municipality, and its principal is a […] Read more »

How the public report on donations in the Municipality of Sevlievo is not actually public

12:13, 19 Jul 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

In the Municipality of Sevlievo there is no Ordinance for receiving, managing and disposing of donations. There is no internal act either, that would regulate the terms and conditions for concluding donation contracts. But donations are received – without rules and publicity, “Pro Veritas” found. This naturally provokes the question of where they are going […] Read more »

Why “Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech” gave up looking for gold in Sredna Gora Mountain

9:00, 4 Jul 20
Venelina Popova

The Company “Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech” EAD has refused to sign a contract with the Ministry of Energy for search and exploration of metal minerals in the area of ​​“St. Nikola”, located on 155 sq. km of the territory of five municipalities from Stara Zagora and Plovdiv region – Stara Zagora, Kazanlak, Pavel Banya, Bratya […] Read more »

A project to waste BGN 4 million, or how the Coronavirus becomes an excuse

16:45, 30 Jun 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

In October 2019, in the midst of the local election campaign, the residents of Sevlievo, Dryanovo and Suhindol received a bucket containing twenty biodegradable bags and a leaflet with detailed instructions on what to do with them. This was the so-called “free of charge start package”, with which the population in two of the three […] Read more »