AEJ expresses urgent concerns about threat of prison term against Bulgarian media owner for voicing ‘opinions

12:04, 26 Jun 20
Za Istinata

The international Association of European Journalists is urgently concerned about the questionable conduct of legal proceedings in a court case against Bulgarian media owner and businessman Ivo Prokopiev. The case relates to the privatisation of a state-owned power distribution company in 2011 and could lead to a criminal conviction and to Mr Prokopiev being sentenced to a prison sentence on unsound and tenuous grounds. Read more »

Desislava Taneva has advised farmers to hide frauds because “they will stop our funding from the EU”

13:58, 8 Jun 20
Za Istinata

During an online meeting of the Advisory Council on “Fruit and vegetable production”, Agriculture Minister Desislava Taneva had explained that violations of payments for "Tied Support" must be hiden by the control authorities, because otherwise the European Commission will stop the money. This becomes clear from a recording of the meeting, published by the website "Bivol". Read more »

“Intrust” EAD – the hidden donation portfolio of Delyan Peevski

0:50, 30 Apr 20
Venelina Popova

Yet in the first days after the state of emergency was imposed in the country, Delyan Peevski – MP from MRF (Movement for rights and freedoms) launched a loudly advertised donation campaign. In it, he was presented as a generous philanthropist, who has donated already (according to media publications) nearly BGN 5 million to hospitals in Bulgaria. But only a few media and journalists have publicly asked the question, what is the origin of the money for these donations and whether they are made according to all the requirements of the law. Read more »

Not a single lev of income for 2019 has been reported by the municipal enterprise “Forests and Lands” in the town of Sevlievo – a company established to make profit

13:08, 21 Apr 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

Throughout 2019, the director of the municipal enterprise "Forests and Lands" in Sevlievo -Alexander Penkov had been on leave. His duties were taken over by his deputy Alexander Atanasov who has a revoked license for forestry activities. However, this was obviously not an obstacle for the company to continue its operations and for the twelve months of last year to report expenses in the amount of BGN 172 thousand. And not a single lev of revenues, although in 2017 the enterprise was established precisely with the idea to make profit for the local administration. Read more »

The coronavirus of the bureaucratic insolence

13:48, 11 Mar 20
Emiliya Dimitrova

The woman you see on the photo from a bTV reportage is Radostina Bratovanova. She entered the news because she is the manager of a home for the elderly in the village of Yavorets near the town of Gabrovo. A year ago, while still Director of the “Social Assistance” Directorate in Gabrovo, Bratovanova filed a defamation lawsuit against “Pro Veritas” and against the journalist Emilia Dimitrova because she refused to admit that as a civil servant she has directed people exactly to this home. And she even was managing it "undercover." Read more »

The Mayor of Stamboliiski submitted his resignation – he bought five apartments in Sunny Beach during his term (video)

13:44, 18 Feb 20
Za Istinata

The Mayor of Stamboliiski Georgi Maradjiev has resigned following an investigation by bTV, according to which during his first term he bought five apartments in the Sunny Beach resort. Marandjiev also resigned as GERB’s coordinator in the Plovdiv region. Maradjiev is a mayor for second term, re-elected in the fall of last year. Until 2015, […] Read more »

Did Atanas Kambitov receive BGN 80,000 from the “Start 2015” company while he was mayor of Blagoevgrad?

14:19, 27 Sep 19
Marieta Dimitrova

For two years now, there has been no result of the court trial, which has to establish why in the annual property declaration of Kambitov for 2018 there is an amount exactly identical to the profit of “Start 2015”. Because of the extreme public importance of the topic of the relationship of Atanas Kambitov, Mayor […] Read more »