Four days, 28 municipal employees from Sevlievo worked diligently on the French Riviera and held … one “workshop”

With taxpayers’ money, 23 municipal councilors, the four deputy mayors and the secretary of the Municipality of Sevlievo visited the luxury resort of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

Group photo of the Sevlievo delegation in front of a public building in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin
Photo: Sevlievo Municpality

Four days – between April 27th and April 30th, 23 municipal councilors, the four deputy mayors and the secretary of the Municipality of Sevlievo were on a visit to Nice announced to be a working visit. On the day they returned home, the chairperson of the municipal council Zdravka Laleva made a commitment up to “about May 3” to announce the results of the visit. On May 8, the official information for the stay on the French Riviera appeared – a 17-line text and one group photo from which one deputy mayor and some of the councilors, included in the delegation, were mising.

Photo for memory

The photography, which illustrates the text of the visit of the Sevlievo delegation in Nice, is probably made in front of a public building, as the inscription “Liberte, egalite, fraternite” (note of editor: freedom, equality, brotherhood), which is usually placed in the institutions of local and state authorities in France. As the published information clarifies that the Sevlievo delegation had a working meeting in the small town of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, it should be supposed that it was made in front of the building of the host municipality.

Not computers but compotes

According to the short information, the delegation was welcomed by the first Deputy Mayor and Deputy Chairman of the City Council, Richard Cauketty, who “presented the activities of the administration and of the local parliament” and the main accents were “services for citizens, lawmaking, development of tourism and security of the population”.

Referred in this way, the outcome of the meeting completely contradicts earlier information published before the trip. According to it, the visit to Nice had to include “planned workshops” (several, note of editor) “with representatives of executive and legislative authorities” and “exchange of good practices”.

However, in the text published now it is written that the hosts have introduced their guests to the “cultural and historical heritage of the region, the organization of tourist routes, their maintenance, preservation and development of the tourism infrastructure”. Issues related to providing the security of the population have also been discussed. “The two municipalities reported reduction in crime, thanks to the provided video surveillance of all key points,” they inform from Municipality of Sevlievo.

The preliminary information published on the website of the Municipality of Sevlievo before departure of the 28 members-delegation for Nice
Illustration: Printscreen from the site of Sevlievo Municipality

This comparison, however, is strange, considering how different Roquebrune-Cap-Martin is – a small but luxurious resort on the French Riviera, and Sevlievo – a municipality with 34 settlements and neighborhoods scattered in Balkan areas inhabited by a large part of adults and lonely people subjected to systematic raids by thieves.

Infrastructure under “Erasmus +”?

“Maintaining and improving of infrastructure is another priority in both municipalities, where the new Erasmus + opportunities have been commented on,” the counselors’ “report” says on their trip to the French Mediterranean coastline. Perhaps the author of the text is the only one that knows what is common between infrastructure and Erasmus+ Youth Programme and how exactly this EU programme can affect the maintenance of the Sevlievo infrastructure?

Expressed intent

In the information about the trip of 28-members group from Sevlievo there is not a single word about any future cooperation or specific commitments undertaken by the hosts. On the contrary, the meeting ended “with expressed intent of mutual help and cooperation”, after which the guests “as a gesture of friendship” presented to Mr. Richard Cauketty a picture by a Sevlievo artist.

No comment

The information disseminated through the site of the Municipality of Sevlievo should satisfy the interest of the citizens, who have “seconded” for their own account 28 representatives of the local government for a four-day trip to the French Riviera. At the most appropriate time – the end of April.

There is no need to comment on the fact that a week after the visit to France, it turned out that only one of the “planned workshops” was held, about which the members of the delegation did not know either where or with whom shall be carried! The explanation for this is that there was a high-level event in the “Main Municipality of Nice” and the access to the City Hall building was limited by the increased security. This was explained by the chairperson of the Municipal Council in Sevlievo – Zdravka Laleva in a telephone conversation on the day of her return.

We can only guess why the only one workshop of the four-day “work” visit has not been documented. Of this worksop no photos are published on the site of Sevlievo Municipality. There are also no details about the “good practices” that the Sevlievo local government officials have mastered on 28, 29 and 30 April. There is also no information on the amount of public funds that the visit was provided with, despite the promise before departure given by Zdravka Laleva. “We will not hide anything from what the media are interested in, “she said before flying to Nice.


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